What is a baby monitor ?

In essence a baby monitor can be audio or both audio and video, the first one is a lot cheaper but won’t be very good compared with the video models. This gadget helps you keep watch over your kids while they sleep or play because you can mount them on a wall and watch the whole room. To conserve energy most of them act like a baby alarm, when the microphone receives even the smallest sound near it starts sending a signal and broadcasts to the parent unit which start receiving the signal, the signal can be only audio or per my recommendation both audio and video. With the help of modern technology you can use an app baby monitor which consists of a camera connected to the internet which send encrypted streams right to your smartphone so you can view your child while at work.

Don’t you want to know what you child is doing all the time or why is he crying ? Well you can easily achieve this now with the help of baby monitors. I remember before I got my first monitor that sometimes during a deep sleep I thought that I heard my boy cry, but don’t know if he was sleeping or he stopped crying and fell asleep, I felt so guilty that the next day I went online and got my first video baby monitor. But because I had no clue for what to look I got one that was barely functioning, that’s what I wanted to start this website and select the best baby monitors and help other struggling parents.

These gadgets will come really handy when you will have to start the sleep training, because it allows you to hear is your child sleeps or not. I can’t even imagine how are parents did it, how many sleepless nights in which you only thought that your child was crying to find out that he was laughing or sleeping, a big plus for technology.

Best WiFi Baby Monitors

WiFi Baby 3 Review

WiFi Baby 3 wireless baby monitor review

If you want a wireless baby monitor that will send you crisp video and audio quality then WiFi Baby 3 is for you. It will work on any smartphone, doesn’t matter if is iOS, Android, Windows 8 or PC from any part of the globe using a MyWiFiBaby URL which will work eben if you have a 4G connection on your phone. The delay is rather small we are talking about 1-2 seconds which is well under the category average of 3 seconds and we all know how many things can happen in 1 second. This small delay is made possible by using 802.11n wireless networking standard the same technology is in you iPhone.The monitor won’t be uploading and downloading anything from cloud servers so if you have any bandwidth limit set by your IPS you will be safe from any extra charges while you monitor from home (the stream won’t go over internet but within your home network made possible by your friendly router).

The audio and video streams are almost perfect, the microphone is designed to cancel white noise and you will be able to hear your baby’s breath if you pay close attention. The iOS and Android baby monitoring apps have alerts that will go off is they detect noise even if you are talking on the phone. It also has an anti-lock feature that will prevent your phone/tablet to enter sleep mode for night monitoring. The night vision is pretty decent and will allow you to see your baby up to 20 feet, even thought the maker states 30.

The design is rather bulky and square but I for one don’t mind that as long as it performs better than most other WiFi monitors on the market and the streaming come free. The WiFi Baby 3 comes with a wall mounting socket so your child won’t reach and break it it will also come eith the needed screws so a trip to your local DIY store won’t be needed. If you want a nice looking monitor with medium to low video quality then this is not for you because it has true color H.264 video via IR Cut Filter in day and low light.

The WiFi Baby 3 monitor can work as a nanny cam storing the video stream on an SD card (up to 32 GB) using clever video compression you will be able to record up to 6 weeks of video but if you want more you can connect it to any NAS (network attached storage) device. You can add and simultaneously watch up to 4 cameras from the same device, pretty handy if you have a big family or you have a toddler and want to monitor multiple rooms while he is playing, In this case the alerts will only work on iOS, Android allows multiple video stream but only one audio channel.

On top of this I have reviewed a few other WiFi enabled video baby monitors Dropcam PRO Review, WiFi Baby 3 ReviewWithings Review, Lorex baby Care ‘N’ Share Review, BabyPing Review and more will follow so stay toned.

Audio Baby Monitors

This type of monitors are some of the basic ones that only allows you to hear your baby, if you are comfortable with this be my guest, but bear in mind that this have some of the smallest coverage distances in this market. If you want to monitor your child from a bigger distance you won’t be able to because most of them have just 100-150 ft of coverage. Also almost all of them suffer from interference issues that can come from other electrical devices, telephone, satellite TV, etc., unless you live in a rural area. If you live in a big apartment building I suggest that you should invest in a better baby monitor that has multiple channels. You can easily read more about the best audio monitors from our in depth reviews.

Video Baby Monitors

For some parents it’s important to see their child all the time while they sleep and I’m one of them. Some video baby monitors have night vision (with the help of some infrared lights) that allows you to see your precious baby at night, some have internal memory and audio playback which allow them to play lullabies. It’s also a safety measure because you can see why your child is crying, we all know that this is rather stressful. Also this type of baby monitors require a higher frequency, something like 1.9GHz which makes it more resilient against interferences and that is a big plus because you will have a longer monitor distance.

WiFi Baby Monitors

A WiFi baby monitor can be an audio and/or video that connect to your home wireless network and won’t be affected by any interference it will also have a large coverage area (this depends on your wireless router). If you don’t know how to protect your wireless connection you can get hacked and someone can view the stream, we will have a tutorial for you here, you can search for a better one.

App Baby Monitors

Everyone has a smartphone, right ? Well I really hope that you do because these things are the best. It will consist on a camera that has video and audio capabilities, that will stream over the internet your baby’s face while you are at work. Don’t worry about safety because the streams are encrypted and only your phone has the key to decrypt its content. The best part is that you can use it on your iPhone or your Android.


The advantages are very clear when you decide to acquire a baby monitor, this device allows you to complete your household chores and activities and also watch over your kid. Also your baby will sleep in another room to diminish the risk of SIDS and also to start sleep training which is very important for his health. Somebody has to support the family and most of the times is the husband who has to do it, but it will begin to affect his work is he doesn’t get at least 7 hours of sleep, my husband loves the idea that he can get to sleep with his baby boy on the screen at all times.

Probably the most important part is if your child suffers from asthma, cystic fibrosis, sleep apnea and requires constant supervision then this device is a must for you. Any abnormal activity will be monitored by you remotely and you can actually set an alarm for any type of noise so you will be alerted even in your sleep.


Don’t get the wrong conclusion that these tech marvels are simply good, because not all of them are. One aspect is for the low end ones is that use lower frequencies and will suffer from interference with other electronic devices such as your phone, but we will show you how you can stay away from them. Other are simply too sensitive and will set the alarm at the smallest noise waking up everybody, not necessarily a bad thing, but if you child is simply turning from one side to the other  you will be woken up. Some of them will have a short range, if you want to read more in depth reviews for some long range baby monitors this is a video monitor, but don’t forget that most wifi based monitors will have “unlimited” range, the only thing that is needed is an internet connection.

What are the most important aspect for the best baby monitor ?

Most of them are quite similar, the only thing that will be way different is the price and the quality of the components. This is quite similar to your phone, some of the are using consumer grade components and some, like your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, military grade, that’s what they cost a lot more. Would you pay 30$ less for a monitor that won’t work while you are on the phone ? I think not.

For me the most important aspect when choosing an infant monitor are:

  • Range:

    Even thought we live in a 4 roomed apartment, for some people who live in a bigger house this is probably the biggest issue you can face. If some of your daily activities are outside it will be very tough to hear your baby if you have selected the wrong product. I like long range monitors because they offer stability, I can hear my baby even if I’m at the shop (near the building) which is very cool. Read my detailed reviews for the best long range video baby monitor

  • Night Vision:

    For out techie friends this is a must if you want to see your child in the dark at night while he is sleeping. Like any other cameras some will be better than others, but this is an important add on which will be listed in our reviews in the search for the best monitor. It will help a lot if you have a watch light near the baby’s crib.

  • Screen size:

    This will only apply to the video monitors and most of them will have smaller screen sizes because they must be easily portables, but some like the Summer Infant will have larger screens up to 7 inches, which is a big plus but won’t fit into your pocket.

  • Security:

    There are quite a lot of stories where your neighbors will hear your audio streams, these things are in the past because modern devices use encryption for audio and video. Pay close attention to the Wireless router because if your password isn’t strong enough you can get hacked, you will find a tutorial here.

  • Battery Life:

    We now face a dilemma, because we have the capacity to choose from a battery model and a plugged one each has its pros and cons. I like the battery powered ones because they are portable but you have to pay close attention to the charge level not to run empty lucky 98% of them have a low battery notice, but it help a lot if you have a monitor with a longer battery life.

  • Talk Back:

    This add on is becoming more and more popular to the video infant monitor because it give you the capacity to talk to you baby when you’ve started the sleep training part and you don’t want to make noise in the room. You can sing to them while in bed.

  • Temperature monitor:

    One of the aspects that only comes in some of the best baby video monitors is the temperature indicator because it will display the temperature in the babies room. One of the reason that your child will have a fussy night is that he/she could be too hot or cold, now you can turn the heat up or down as needed.

  • Extra Camera Capabilities:

    This feature now comes standard and will help a lot if you have twins sleeping in different rooms, you now can add another camera to the same monitor, neat right ? You can add up to 4 cameras to the same unit. But that’s not all some of them will have the capacity to handle multiple screens so you won’t have to carry them in different rooms.

  • Price:

    I know that this can be a burden but you have to consider the safety of your child and a baby monitor will make you sleep more comfortable. The price will be influenced by the feature that the device offers, addons and the quality of the maker. I don’t suggest to buy a cheap baby monitor because that will break easily and will cost you more than a “high end” one.



I hope that you’ve made an idea of what you are after and what your desires are when it comes to a baby monitor, you can review the best ones by their category. If you have any question please feel free to connect with me via Social Media like Google+, Facebook, Twitter; you can also leave a comment or use the contact us page, don’t forget to hit the Like and Share buttons if you’ve liked my website.

Don’t forget to take a look at some child proofing tips that will ensure increased security for your child and some interesting parenting hacks, also I have answered an interesting question, where to mount your baby monitor, don’t forget to use my contact form for any questions and/or improvements

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