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25 parenting hacks that are totally genius


1. Awesome shower cap

Even thou the baby doesn’t look happy with it it’s pretty cool. Have you ever tried a shampoo made for babies, I did and it did make me cry so this is one of the safest way to baith your child.

2. Sick baby, make his sleep better

When your baby starts to cough, help your baby sleep by putting vapor rub on their feet and cover them with socks.

3. Perfect solution for twins

This baby ware will help your friends and family to distinct your kids, you just have to remember which one is A

4. Nice thing to do on the plane

I know that you have heard this story before and you have to agree that this nice gesture is pretty cool.

5. Cleaning problems ?

Well i don’t agree with this one, but the costume looks cool, I won’t use my baby to clean my floor though

6. Detachable baby doors

We can use zip ties in multiple situations, but this one is rather useful because now you won’t damage anything when you remove the doors.

7. In-between potty training

Maxi-pads will catch minor accidents while in-between the potty training stage.

8. Crib hack, never tought of this

Do you know what to do with your crib when your kid outgrows it ? Look no further as the answer is pure awesomeness

9. Kids fall out of bed ?

Use one pool noodle under the sheet and fix the problem so that your kid won’t fall down anymore.

10. Bath trick

Use a laundry basket so that the toys won’t float out of reach.

11. Emergency tattoos.

These removable tattoos can help in a crowded situation.

12. Baking soda hack

Use baking soda to remove any stain, even vomit can be cleaned for any surface.

13. No more splinters

Apply baking soda and water to a splinter and wait a few minutes, this will make the splinter easier to remove.

14. No drip popsicle.

Use cupcake papers to catch popsicle drips.

15. Sink hack

Use an empty plastic bottle to make the sink more reachable for your kids.

16. Door hacks

Another pool noodle is needed to prevent doors from slamming and catching little hands.

17.  Home made hammock

transform a sturdy table with a table-cloth into a hammock for your kids.

18. Tooth fairy trick

Use some glitter on money to make it more believable

19. Road hacks

Use a shoe rack where you can store activities for road trips.

20. School stuff

Teach your kid how to hold a pencil properly with the help of a tissue.

21. Road tips

Use a DVD case to store pencils and paper for a travelling art kit.

22. Healthy kids #1

Use rubber bands to hold apple slices thus preventing them from getting rusty.

23.  Healthy kids #2

Remove strawberry stems easily with the help of a straw

24. Motivation trick #1

Motivation goes a long way and it will improve your kid.

25. Motivation trick #2

Don’t over do it, it will get trickier.

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