How can you choose the best audio baby monitor ?

The question is quite simple, you have to get a digital baby monitor, because they will encrypt the transmission and no one can listen or talk from a different monitor. A reader sent me an email and was complaining that he was hearing their neighbour’s daughter on the monitor, this happens because they both got the same type of device that uses the same frequency. In order to avoid that take a look at my top rated digital audio baby monitors and take your pick. I will not review any analog versions because they will interfere with a lot of devices from your home like microwave, telephones and so on. You will also have to take a look at the features that it carries because some of them are quite useful like temperature and humidity sensors.

Are audio monitors safe ?

If you have a digital baby monitor, you have any problems with it because the frequency is encrypted and only that device can decrypt it. If you want to be extra safe I suggest you the Philips AVENT DECT because it uses DECT technology , which helps the monitor to jump from one frequency to another if it detects another device there, this will happen all the time and no one can access the stream, you can read a detailed review here.

The best audio baby monitor – Philips AVENT DECT

Philips AVENT DECT audio baby monitor review

Why is the Philips Avent the best is quite simple to answer because it has some of the best components on the market because they are involved in multiple industries like music (speakers, microphones), phones (transmitters) and many more. On top of that the number or reviews that it received on amazon is better than most in this niche and almost all of them have at least 4 stars which is hard to keep.

The range that this beast carries is the best that I’ve seen, 1300 feet outside and 110 feet inside through 7 walls.. I think that this says it all, honestly. It’s a digital monitor so don’t worry about security, it also uses DECT features which makes the frequency change often so nobody can know which is next.

Talk back function and noise cancellation features are also nice to see, but most of the monitors that only use audio have them. The bad part is that it doesn’t have a LCD screen, this feature comes only with temperature and humidity sensors which are a bit more expensive.

My Top Rated Audio Monitors List

Product Features Stream Quality Multi Device Rating Price Amazon
Philips Avent DECTPhilips AVENT DECT audio baby monitor review
  • Night Light
  • Power saver
  • Talk Back
video-stream-qualitynegative reviewaudio-stream-qualitygood product negative review good product $  Amazon
Philips Avent DECT – SCT 525Philips AVENT DECT baby monitor with temperature
  • Night Light
  • Power saver
  • Talk Back
  • Temperature sensor
video-stream-qualitynegative reviewaudio-stream-qualitygood product negative review good product $  Amazon
Philips Avent DECT – SCD535Philips AVENT DECT baby monitor with temperature and humidity
  • Night Light
  • Power saver
  • Talk Back
  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor
video-stream-qualitynegative reviewaudio-stream-qualitygood product negative review good product $$  Amazon


Find out more bout in on Amazon

Audio Quality

I think that most of them will have quality microphones and speakers, so the audio will be good, but we have to consider the fact that some of them will have low volume settings, bit that’s rare.


We all know that security is an important factor to consider that’s way I’ve stated above that digital monitors won’t have any problems.


This is another factor that decides if the monitor is good or simply because you won’t be able to hear your baby in some circumstances, I know that I’ve said this before but, buy a digital baby monitor to avoid any issues. If you have a wireless router or any type of devices that uses sound waves to send and receive it will probably interfere with analog audio monitors.


If you live in a small house or apartment, skip this part because most of them will have 40-50 feet of range, I’ve made a few reviews for long-range baby monitors so that you can decide. But if you want the best range baby monitor you have to get the Philips AVENT DECT which has a mind-blowing 110 feet indoor range, that will go up to 1300 outdoor.


Most of the devices will be battery-powered so you won’t have to worry about cords near your baby’s crib and some of them will have up to 24 hours autonomy which is more than enough for any parent.


I’m not quite sure if you can add another child unit to your analog audio baby monitor, but you will surely get this by using a digital one, see yet another reason to change your old unit with a new one.


To be honest most of them are just audio monitors, that’s it, these will set you back about $30-$50 brand new, but if you want things like temperature sensor or maybe humidity sensor you will have to pay a bit more and you will notice that the price will be close to a video device. Talk back and noise cancellation will also be present on most devices.


Just power them and you are ready, that’s it.


Bigger brands will probably have better support, not a rule, so pay close attention to things like phone support, email or even chat on their website. If they have a chat function on the website I must say that you will have a better chance of reaching someone faster.

Amazon Reviews

These are critical because you will see what other people have said about the product and their limitations. Sometimes a product will not be available if the number of bad reviews reach a certain point so thins is a good metric to consider.

Why should I buy a baby audio monitor ?

The answer is simple, because you want to hear when your baby cries at night. The good thing about audio monitors is that you won’t become a monitor addict which can happen in cases when you buy a video or WiFi model.

Who can use it ?

Every one, these things are so simple to use that anybody that is used to an electrical device will understand it, the number of button is so small that you won’t mix them up.

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