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Childproofing your home before your baby gets there

Childproofing your home before your baby gets there

Your home may feel like a safe sanctuary to you, but to your baby, it could be a mine field. I suggest that you take a look at my Emergency Cheat Sheet for any parent, you can download the file from here. Get your house ready for baby by taking these precautions:

  • – Keep potentially toxic items (such as cleaning agents, medicines, vitamins, toiletries, mothballs, poisons, paint, oil, gas, harmful plants, and other potentially hazardous items) out of your child’s reach and utilize locks/latches on cabinet doors for added protection. Special note: Keep purses and bags out of your baby’s reach also, since these hold potentially hazardous items.
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  • – Post the number for Poison Control (800) 222-1222 near your phone.
  • – Ensure all smoke and carbon dioxide detectors are functioning properly and check the batteries every week.
  • – Cover all electrical outlets with appropriate covers or block with furniture. Special note: Some commonly used outlet covers are potential choking hazards.Look for outlet covers that cover the entire outlet or require an additional step to remove. You may even want to consider changing the entire outlet to a tamper resistant one.

Plug Covers

  • – Secure any loose cords (electrical and blinds/drapes) to prevent accidental strangulation.
  • – Block passages to unsafe areas (stairs, bathrooms, laundry room, fireplaces, etc) by using gates, door knob covers, and by keeping doors closed and locked (if able).

childproofing stair ways

  • – Secure toilet seats with appropriate safety latches/locks.
  • – Secure furnishings (dressers, TV, book case, etc) to the wall to prevent toppling.
  • – Make sure table cloths are secured or removed to prevent your child from pulling the table cloth and potentially injuring him/her from falling objects on the table.
  • – Place guards on the corners of your tables and other sharp edges throughout your home.


Table Edge Guard with 4 Corners, Chocolate

  • – Utilize door stoppers to protect your baby’s fingers.
  • – Keep windows locked and never leave a child unattended near an open window.
  • – Never leave your baby unattended on any elevated surface (i.e. sofa, changing table, high chair, beds, etc.). Be sure to use your safety harnesses.
  • – Utilize safety belts/harnesses whenever possible (i.e. high chairs, swings, changing table, strollers, etc.).
  • – Keep plastic bags, balloons, string, and rope out of your baby’s reach to prevent suffocation and/or strangulation.
  • – Ensure stair and porch railings are no wider than 4 inches apart. If the railings are wider, then cover with banister guards to prevent falls and/or entrapment.
  • – Never leave pets unattended around your baby. Get down on the floor and look at each room through your baby’s eyes.

Your child needs the following things:

  • Cognitive, Emotional and Physical Health


Cognitive refers to the way the brain works to think and figure out problems. Emotional health can be made stronger through high self-esteem and a good self-concept. Lastly, physical health is accomplished mostly through healthy diet, regular exercise and good hygiene. In order to make sure your child’s cognitive, emotional, and physical healths are taken care of you have to work on them every day. Challenge your child to solve problems, let them know that it is okay to make mistakes and limit their intake of sugar, video games and television. Teach your child about washing up and brushing teeth and wiping thoroughly after going to the bathroom. It’s hard work but as your child grows into a healthy, happy adult who feels good about themselves, it will prove worthwhile.

  • Basic Needs Everyday


Water, food, clothing and shelter need to be provided to your child every single day. That’s not to say it has to be served in a formal dining room and everyone has to eat together. I’m just saying that there needs to be food, water, clothing, and a roof overhead. Pretty obvious I know but sometimes people are unable to provide these basic needs to their children. As a parent, if you know about it and can do something about it, help it. Otherwise these children have a major strike against them in life.

  • Social Needs Must Be Met

kids social needs

Human beings are social beings. It is important to expose your children to both other children and other adults that value the child. Extended family can be an important influence in a child’s life. Plan trips to visit grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Visit playgrounds and parks in your area. Make play dates with the other children in your child’s class. All of these activities will help your child learn to interact with others and feel comfortable with themselves.

  • Protection Is Priority #1


First and foremost as a parent you have to keep your child safe. You start by childproofing your home when they are babies, you buy helmets and knee pads when they learn to ride a bike or skate, you insist that they wear a seat belt every single time they ride in a car, and you talk to them about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and sex.

What we also have to do that parents aren’t doing as much of nowadays is let go and let our little birds fly out of the nest. When you over-protect your children, you cripple them for life. They never learn that it is okay to fall down, make mistakes or get hurt. Then they grow up afraid – fearful of trying anything that may not work out well. Fearful adults are never happy, successful adults.

When your baby gets home from the hospital you should monitor him and see if he is healthy, I suggest that you get a baby monitor that has temperature and humidity sensors if you live in place where you have cold winters. Maintaining the temperature for your newborn baby is critical.

  • Interest and Attention Everyday

Interest and Attention Everyday

It isn’t necessary (or even healthy) to spend all day with your child but it is vital to spend some time every day giving your full attention and individual interest to your child. I understand this can be difficult for parents with full-time jobs and more than one child but the effort is worth it. Even if you spend only ten or fifteen minutes with your child, listening to a story or what they did that day. This is quality time that will show your child how important they are. If you or your husband are at work you can buy a WiFi baby monitor that has talk back functions, that way your child will hear your voice and you guys can communicate.

  • Foundations of Education



A child learns more in the first five years of life than at any other time and parents are a child’s most important teachers. As a parent it is your duty to teach your children the foundations of like education. Social education includes teaching to share and wait your turn. Basically how they should interact with others. Moral education covers the important questions of whether or not it’s okay to steal or hurt someone else or damage other people’s property. Religious or spiritual instruction depends entirely on you and your family’s beliefs. Lastly cultural education encompasses traditions and holidays that are practiced by your family, your nationality or your religion. Obviously passing down these values and beliefs are vital to the growth of your child as well as being fun to share.

As you can see, parenting is a huge responsibility and not something that should be entered into without proper thought. It can be tricky to walk the line between permissive parenting and overbearing, overprotective parenting. If you are thinking about becoming a parent you should be sure that you are prepared to fulfill these responsibilities and if you are already a parent, this can be an easy way to measure how well you are doing as a parent.

It will be easier to see the potential dangers.Be sure to download our Emergency Contacts sheet and keep accessible in the event of an emergency. Watching your baby become aware of their surroundings and begin exploring their environment will be a magical experience. Make sure it’s a safe one too!

We all try to be responsible and care for our own security as we go, especially when something new and unknown, we are constantly looking for hidden dangers and things that hurt us, but some people seem to neglect to follow this instinct in their own house. This may be because our houses are so familiar to us and we know that every aspect of it, but it may be that we in the house to relax, thinking we are not sure about any hazards that may face there. But what some people do not know that more than 2 million people injured annually in their homes in the US, and thousands have been fatal accidents, so you and your family stay safe and protected, while as the house in the forefront of the mind everyone.

There are many causes of accidents in the house. Most can be prevented with a little common sense and conscience. It is especially important to check your home for possible hazards, if you have small children at home. Baby proofing products can seem a difficult thing for adults in the house, but that could mean the difference between life and death of his son. Put locks or safety latches on cupboard, low level, and how the fingers of the baby and begin the pursuit of dangerous chemical cleaning, for example.

Another major threat to children and adults above is make sure that door fixed top and bottom of the stairs, if you kids who might try to have to climb. The installation of a safety rail or guard rail is crucial, especially in the steep steps. Many adults have been injured falling down stairs, because we have to stop anything. The devices are also a major cause of accidents in the house. It is important to ensure that they are connected and that all cables and wires are not damaged or suspended. If a problem or an error that the producers should immediately contact and perform a repair, not just thought of a defect, it will be good, can fire electrical products and other accidents in the house, so I never had the chance to take .

Cooking accidents are a major cause of injuries at home, with special attention, which are equipped with cooking facilities. Always keep a fire extinguisher in the house to shoot when they should act. Let your food during cooking, especially if you use an open kitchen, and never allow children or pets near the kitchen, while on. It is a good idea to teach fire safety to their children early, so you always know what to do and the best way to avoid risk, in the kitchen. Needless to say, always a fire alarm system installed and working to ensure that batteries at least twice per Month.

Sometimes, however, can be anything your family feel safe, but still suffers an injury at home.
If it caused by something beyond your control, you should always consider legal action against those responsible, as a factor in another. The fact means that the accident occurs in your home does not mean it is their responsibility. Faulty equipment, for example, or anything else that was not his fault, have directly led to his situation, and you must not forget that you are entitled to be heard, and in some cases compensation. What you do in your home, you should take all necessary precautions against the danger, obvious and hidden. This should feel like the safest place for you and your family, so do your best to make sure it is.

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