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Dropcam PRO Review

Dropcam PRO Review Delia Caravan
Audio Quality – 98%
Video Quality – 98%
Features – 96%
Price – 90%
Accessories – 90%
Support – 92%

Summary: Great product that deliver more that you can think, highly recommended.


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dropcam pro review

Dropcam PRO WiFi Baby Monitor Review


The Dropcam PRO is truly a WiFi baby monitor that is there for the long run coming with some next-gen feature that most WiFi based monitors never thought. If you are on the road or just want to see how you baby is doing just open the Android/iOS app and see him, it can’t be easier than this to be honest. The video quality is awesome same as audio, it looks nice but let’s start my honest review and see how it does.

The Dropcap PRO is the new and improved model that brings more to the table. The original version is still available but I would just spend an extra $50 and get more features. We’ve seen that most wireless baby monitors lack pan, tilt and sometimes zoom but the Dropcam has something extra because it comes with a 130 degree lenses that will bring all the room in its frame. The amazing part about it is that it uses 802.11b/g/n at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, this is the newest and best wireless standard.

dropcam pro review

The camera seats on a hinge that allows you total control for its orientation, it can be put on shelf, book or even in the wall with the screws that come in the package. But why not mount it on the ceiling ? It has a 360 degree orientation and can even be put looking down, I would suggest this method if you have a toddler that plays in the room and not a baby because you won’t be able to use the sound alert feature as the distance may be more than the microphones range.

This unit comes with a large sensor that greatly improves video quality, lens that are made entirely from glass and based on six elements. The six elements were a surprise for me because I never seen a video baby monitor with something like this, another point from me. I’ve started this already but i have to do it again, video quality is perfect because it streams at 720p which is almost HD (1080p by my standards), you now know what a great lens will do to your monitor.

dropcam pro camera review

The problem is that this is a cloud based monitor so the actual streaming goes to a server and them comes back to your device, I know most US and Canada IPS offer just 50GB of traffic and it won’t be enough because the Dropcam needs 60 GB per month for each camera, so if you thought that you wanted another one you have to consider it. Good thing that Comcast increased its 250GB upload limit to 300GB, I suggest that you talk with your ISP about the data cap. The streaming won’t cost anything but if you want to record some footage with your baby you have to pay $10/month or $99/year you can use a free two-week trial and test it, if you don’t want to spend additional money of those feature the WiFi Baby 3 can do it for free.

Another small problem is that you can’t hear the sound only, you have to watch the video stream but the app has some nice feature like push notifications which will alert you in case the baby monitor hears loud noises (the alerts won’t be activated if your baby coughs).  If you’ve bought this unit after using an audio baby monitor, the transition will be harder for you since you were used to hearing you baby constantly. While most modern apps the Dropcam has the latest features like pinch-to-zoom unlike other monitor brands that didn’t put much effort into it.

The installation process is simple and will only take 1 or 2 minutes (Dropcam initially stated 60 seconds but they later changed it, amazon didn’t make the update). You will need your PC to connect the Dropcam PRO via USB and choose the wireless network, or you can do it from any smartphone or tablet because it also has Bluetooth, probably for future usage. Other people can also install the app and watch over your child while you are away without any problems.

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I’ve saved the best feature for last because this one is great and unique amongst wireless baby monitors and is Talk Back. You now can talk to your baby using your smartphone app, what could be easier and nicer than this. With a great news come one less pleasant,night vision isn’t great but you can manage to see your child if the crib is pretty clone, I haven’t seen any distance as the maker didn’t supply it, I certain that won’t beat the WiFi Baby 3 which has over 10 feet.

You will have a problem if you want to turn the camera off because you will need to unplug it, but you can use an AC wireless remote cord and cut the power off with a little remote. If two or more people are watching the same cam and someone zooms in all the devices will do the same, it’s a little annoying and I hope that they can fix it.

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To be honest I think that it’s simply the best WiFi baby monitor that I’ve seen, way better than WiFi Baby 3 on multiple fields. The 720p crystal clear video stream was almost unimaginable for me but I think it was about time to see this, the audio quality is great. I don’t like that you have to pay in order to record you footage, but when you pay you will also have a cloud based video monitor software that allows you to cut parts and create a movie. The Talk Back function is a huge plus, but we should expect more from them because they are a subsidiary of Google so the product quality must be good.


Awesome video and quality that makes the Dropcam PRO one of the best wireless monitors, you can use it on any device including from a PC. The ability to talk back, with a little delay, is unique amongst these type of cameras. Great support and with over 1000 amazon reviews it has 4 stars, better than most monitor brands.


Cloud based, which means that each camera will upload 60 GB of data that will get you in trouble with the ISP, if you want to record any footage, you will have to pay $10/month for a 7 day archive, or $30 for 30 days. Night vision isn’t that great and could use a overhaul.

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