How can you choose the best baby video monitor ?


You have two chooses:

  • The first one requires a lot of time to do research and read a lot of reviews from other websites, like mine, many amazon pages of comments, got on the maker’s website and read the product description, learn a bot of electronics and understand how they work and what materials are used.
  • The second one, has fewer steps, browse my reviews, comparison chart and then read a few amazon reviews and then select your best match.

I know that many new parents are concerned for security, but you have to understand that hackers won’t be able to access the stream if you have a digital baby monitor. All those hacks happens on audio monitors that are older and use analog technology, this also has a smaller range. Range is a critical factor when we are talking about top rated monitors since most of them have short-range and you will encounter difficulties if you live a big house and you want to watch over your baby through multiple walls. I honestly don’t understand why many video monitors don’t have HD streaming because they are quite old and could have incorporated this feature, I want to see my baby crystal clear on my monitor’s LCD screen and this is a big minus for many of them.

My best Rated video baby monitor – Levana Stella Review

Levana Stella video baby monitor review

The reason why the Levana Stella is my top pick is because the monitor is sturdy and will resist some shocks (most likely it will fall a few times) has nice design and the size is good for all the things that this device can do. It comes with function like zoom, tilt and pan things that allows you to monitor the whole room by moving the view-point. Talk back also comes on this unit that will allow you to calm your baby while you go to his room.

The range is perfect for this type of monitor, 200 feet inside (through wall) and 750 feet outside which is more than enough for any medium size house, you will probably receive the stream from the garden or garage.

Levana Stella has a battery life for up to 10 hours while continuously streaming or 36 hours in power saver (PEED – Power on/off Energy Efficient Picture) this feature activates itself when it detects movement, it will have about 1 sec delay but that’s well within standards.

The fact that you can add up to 4 child cameras to it is a great factor because you won’t need to buy a new one once your baby grows up and you want to watch over him in multiple rooms. Night vision is also great but has 12 feet of range, but the quality is good for up to 8 so you will have to mount the unit near the crib is you want to see your kid at night.

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My top rated video baby monitors

Product Features Stream Quality Multi Cam Rating Price Amazon
Levana StellaLevana Stella video baby monitor review
  • Extreme Range
  • 10 hour battery
  • Talk Back
video-stream-quality3.5 quality ratingaudio-stream-qualitygood product positive review good product $$$  Amazon
Summer Infant Summer Infant Baby Touch Boost Digital Color Video Monitor
  • Night Vision
  • Talk Back
  • Zoom, tilt, pan
video-stream-quality3.5 quality ratingaudio-stream-qualitygood product positive review good product $$$  Amazon

Are camera monitors safe ?

If you get a digital monitor you won’t have any problems, I promise. Video stream will be encrypted by the device so there is no way in which someone can access and actually see your baby from another location using a similar monitor. If one of your neighbours has the exact same model and you add another child unit in the exact same time as he does and they are both in range you will probably see their camera but what are the changes something like this could happen.

Video Quality

I have to say that 90% of all baby monitors with camera will have more than decent video streams since the display is rather small, 3-5 inches so the quality needed is not HD. You will see your baby clearly no matter what, if you like staring at that tiny screen, if you want multi device usage like smartphone baby monitors you will have to take a look at my best rated WiFi enabled baby monitors.

Audio Quality

Same scenario here, the quality will be more than decent because the competition just got harder with the help of wireless monitors and all of the makers had to do major upgrades and investments on all the features. You will be able to set audio alarms for noises like your baby’s cry, loud noises in the room and many more. When something like this happens the monitor will make an alert sound so that you will hear it and see what happens in you baby’s room.


If the monitor is digital you won’t have any problems, take a look at what I’ve written above, I don’t want to take up more of your time with the same things.

Night Vision

This is the reason why we bought a baby monitor with camera, right ? We want to see our children at night while they sleep without waking them up by entering the room. Sleep is a precious thing both for us as parents and our kids so we want more of it. I don’t like when I see some pictures took from a video child monitor with night vision because the image is blurry and your kid will have bright eyes, but there are a few who use red-eye technology and will fix this issue.


Range is a critical factor because I want long-range baby monitors and most of them will support from 600 feet to 800, but I don’t know if this measures ware made outside or inside. Indoors you have to consider the fact that the signal will have to pass thru walls, floors and more so this will mean shorter distances, but for a small house or an apartment I’m sure that you won’t have any problems.

Multicam Support

Well if a monitor doesn’t support multiple child units I don’t consider it as good because when your kid will grow up you will have to buy a new model to watch multiple rooms. I hate spending money on things that are not good or don’t have long useful life that’s why I want dual baby monitors.


We also want to consider this aspect even if it’s not critical because I don’t want to use a bulky 10 inch camera on my shelves, if I wanted that I coud have set up a webcam my media box. Another thing that is important is that sometimes companies will have a device beautiful but the things that it can do won’t be that nice.


Most of the devices will have zoom, talk back functions and pan/tilt which is nice if you want to see the whole room on that 4.5 inch display. You will only see these feature on video monitors and not wi-fi enabled devices.


Battery powered monitors are better because you will not have to worry about cords near the crib that can result in tragic events. They will have an autonomy of up to 10 hours like the case of the Levana Stella, which means that you have to charge the device only twice a day.


The process can’t be simpler than this, open the box, power it and watch how your baby is playing. Things can’t be more easier than this.


Another important aspect to consider, take a look at their website and see if they provide tool free phone numbers, email support or even better live chat on the website. If all of these criteria are met, the support will be awesome and you will get the much-needed help in case something doesn’t work or stops working.

Amazon Reviews

I always take a look at what people say, in one case Amazon stopped selling Summer Infant Baby Touch 2 because the number of bad reviews that it got ware massive and people stopped trusting them, the problem was fixed and Summer Baby video monitors can be bought again, not sure how they fixed multiple issues thought.

Why should I buy one ?

You have probably heard of SDIS, and what better way to protect your baby by using a video monitor. Also you will have the much wanted ability to watch your baby while he sleeps without entering the room, or when you will start the sleep training stage.

Who can use it ?

Everybody can use such a device, it’s very easy to use by anybody that is used to electrical devices, it doesn’t require special instructions.

If you think that I’ve skipped any important points please contact me and I will update my list, also you can do that if you require help in choosing the best baby video monitor, I’ll reply asap.

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