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What makes the best baby monitor app ?

What makes the best baby monitor app ?

I have seen many baby monitoring apps not all are great because the progress was slow because all the companies were focused on video monitors that are made up from a camera and a LCD display. I Think it is the time to take action and see what the market has to offer in terms of WiFi baby monitors and see what are the best, I’ve previously written a few in-depth reviews for a few products but this page is dedicated to a much greater cause, finding the best and comparing it to the rest.

How can you choose the best baby monitor app ?

Video Quality

dropcam pro camera review

Dropcam PRO video quality

Since we live in an age where HD streaming is something current I want to see the same thing when I look for a wireless monitor, but I couldn’t find many products that offer this, except one the Dropcam PRO, I’ve written a review that is located here. Must offer decent quality if you watch your baby over the phone because the display is smaller but once you get it on a tab or even better on a laptop/PC you will see that the stream looks awful.

Audio Quality

You won’t find much difference in terms of audio quality because the principal is quite simple and all of the makers know it. The only difference may come from the microphone that will be used, most of the monitors will have noise cancellation features which means that the background noise will me muted and you will only hear your baby and loud noises. When loud noise start, like when your child starts crying and alert will be sent from the monitor to the app in multiple way. Some apps have push notifications, other will vibrate and so on, the bottom line is that you will be announced when that happens. A small problem that I’ve encountered is that, if the noise is short (time span) the alert won’t be sent I find this annoying because I want to know if my boy hit something or something fell in the room.


Withings smart baby monitor

Withings Smart Baby Monitor

This aspect is included for some of you that consider this a must, I find inappropriate because if the device looks great some features will lack or not perform properly. One that i like is the Withings baby monitor but it only has a 3 MP camera which in my books is not enough to be called HD and you only get 15 minutes of video monitoring per day and you have to pay a flat fee for every 100 minutes. That is simply ridiculous because they are not using any cloud streaming to cost them some money, this price should have been included from the start.

Wireless stats

Well this is a critical point for any WiFi powered baby monitor, because if the protocols are outdated you’ll find yourself unable to navigate the web while the cam is running and this defeat the point of remote accessing the streams. Most devices use 802.11n wireless networking standard but some like the Dropcam PRO are using 802.11b/g/n which is somehow newer and won’t kill the internet connection. Another standard is the 2.4 GHz frequency but we will soon find more monitors like the Dropcam which uses 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

Cloud Based

Dropcam PRO cloud video footage

Dropcam PRO cloud video footage

I see a big problem here because if the device uses a cloud service the delay will be bigger and the data consumption will get you close to your ISPs data cap. If the monitor is cloud based you won’t have the ability to record and store video files on your local network and be forced to pay a small fee (Dropcam PRO – $10) for 7 days, I don’t mind that but the problem is that your data consumption will increase with up to 60 GB per month with just one cam set up. I prefer to local storage or even an SD card, my husband recently set up a storage unit at home and we have ~3 TB of storage space (this was not intended to store video from the baby monitor) which is connect to a WiFi Baby 3 monitor.



I know that people fear this issues but I have to say that I don’t see any security risks involved in using a wireless monitor as long as you have a complex password for the network and the monitor, use a password generator to achieve this (most likely the hacker will need a super computer and 100 years to crack it). Stream hijack, won’t be possible because of the 2 passwords securing the connection. The only problem comes in case you lose your phone on which the app is installed, in this scenario you simply set up another password and your done.

Battery or Socket

I would choose a socket based monitor because I won’t forget to charge it and loose the feed while I sleep comfortably knowing I can hear if my baby starts crying. I know that battery-powered video monitors are easy to use and you can change location pretty easy but you have to consider the fact that the wireless receiver and transmitter will consume power and a battery device won’t be efficient and will only have a few hours of autonomy.


This is an important aspect to consider before buying a baby monitor app, because sometimes the apps itself will be buggy and if the company isn’t good at fixing them, you will lose money. Another aspect that I try to point out are the amazon reviews for every product, if there are a few negative reviews I will investigate the problem. This happen to the Summer Baby Monitor which got a lot of negative feedback and Amazon stopped selling the product until they will fix all the issues, even if the company had a solid past, we live in the present.

I like the freedom that WiFi baby monitors provide because I can use my monitor app to see my baby at any time from the device that I normally carry in my pocket all the time, my smartphone. Also the stream can be accessed from any location, so if my husband want to see our baby boy he can using his baby monitor app, the same thing our parents do to see their grandchild. To sum things up, these are the most important aspects for any baby monitor app buyer to consider before making the jump, be sure to read my honest reviews regarding baby monitors.

I hope that I didn’t forget an important aspect that needed to be pointed out, if I did contact me and I will update the page with answers and more details.

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