Where to safely mount your baby monitor ?

The question is quite and I got it from a recent mom that used my contact form, the answer must cover multiple aspects so let’s start, we will focus on the long-term rather than the newborn period because I find it redundant to drill multiple holes or acquire better monitors 6 months later.

How to saefly mount a baby monitor


The safety of our child is very important, that’s way we decided to buy a baby monitor so that we can watch over or kids, but what could happen when a cord is near the crib ? I honestly don’t what to think about this, but could happen. So if you have a socket based monitor that has a cord I advise you to put it on a shelve or something that is higher than the crib so that you can easily view your child.

Even if the monitor is powered by a battery mounting it on the crib is quite risky because you child can reach it and break it. The problem is that because it’s made of plastic it could transform into a sharp object that can make cuts or even worse.

View Angle

We need a higher position to mount our camera baby monitors so that we can easily view the crib so a shelve or a wall are generally the best places for it. If you get a wi-fi powered monitor that has pan/tilt and zoom functions like Lorex Baby we will be able to view the whole room quite easy with it even at night.

The best distance is 3 feet from the crib, that way your child won’t be able to reach it, or the cord and you will receive good quality video streams since most of the monitors provide at least 480p or even 720p if we talk about my Dropcam PRO Review.

Make sure that the cord is covered by a cord cover than can easily be mounted on any surface with double sided adhesive. These covers can be cut to any size and painted into any color to match your home.

Make sure to use only child proof wall sockets in the room, you can read more childproofing tips here.


Do not use baby monitors in the bathroom or around water, as it’s an electrical shock hazard. Babies and children should never be left unattended in the bath.

Important Mounting Tips:

  • Install baby monitor 3 feet away from crib
  • NEVER place/attach baby monitor in/on crib with baby
  • Make sure baby monitor’s electrical cord is 3 feet away from crib
  • Conceal baby monitor’s power cord with cover or use wind up feature
  • Never use baby monitor in bathroom or plug-in near water
  • Plug baby monitor into a childproofed electrical socket
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