How can you choose the best wireless monitor ?

The answer is more complicated than the other type of monitors because this one needs a few thing and because it’s the newest tech the expectations are greater (at least from my point of view). While I was doing research on this subject I noticed that the trend in this industry is to have a limited number of minutes in which you can monitor your baby over the internet using their app, others because they lack the security features don’t allow you to view your baby from outside the network, making it a wireless baby monitor without internet connection which is simply not OK. In this case you will have more fun with a video baby monitor because that’s what you get. That’s way I wanted to create this website so that other parents will have the ability to read honest reviews before they go out and buy a monitor.

best wifi baby monitors


Are WiFi baby monitors safe ?

Of course they are, if you generate a strong password on your wireless network that will take hacker 4-5 years to crack it I’m sure that your connection will be safe. Even if the monitor connects to the cloud the connection will be encrypted, so data loss won’t occur and all of the, are digital compared to older audio monitors that are analog and can get hacked. All the data that any WiFi baby monitor sends is encoded and cannot be accessed by anyone unless they have the password for the network.

The Best WiFi enabled baby monitor

WiFi Baby 3 wireless baby monitor review

WiFi Baby 3 Review

It has to be the WiFi Baby 3 simply because you get more that you pay compared to any competitor but let’s see what are the specs of this awesome device.

Range: Unlimited because you get a MyWiFiBaby URL that will help you access the video stream from anywhere anytime as long as you are connected to the internet (4G works also).

App: simple to use even older people can use it, as long as they know how to operate a smartphone

Stream Quality: Not the best but manageable, the night vision is the biggest plus here because it has a 30 feet range and at 20 you can see clearly.

Design: Somehow nice, not the prettiest but we want quality and that is what we will get

Support: I have to say that it is great, the website has a comprehensive FAQ that will help with almost all problems.

Extra Price: None, unless you want to buy another camera unit.

Features: Free video recording, talk back functions, 0 interference.

You can read more reviews on Amazon

My Top Rated WiFi Monitors List

Product Features Stream Quality Multi Cam Rating Price Amazon
Dropcam PROdropcam pro review
  • HD Stream
  • Cloud Video
  • Talk Back
video-stream-qualitybest productaudio-stream-qualitybest product positive review great-product $$$ Amazon
Lorex BabyLorex Baby Monitor BB4325X camera unit
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom
  • Motion Tracking
  • Talk Back
video-stream-qualitygreat-productaudio-stream-qualitygreat-product positive review great-product $$$ Amazon
WiFi Baby 3WiFi Baby 3 wireless baby monitor review
  • Night Vision
  • Internal Recording
video-stream-qualitygreat-productaudio-stream-qualitygreat-product positive review great-product $$$ Amazon
Baby Ping
  • Night Vision
  • Off-Site Connection
video-stream-quality3.5 quality ratingaudio-stream-qualitygood product positive review 3.5 quality rating $$$ Amazon

Withings wifi baby monitor Review

  • Night Vision
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom
  • Bluetooth
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Humidity Sensor
video-stream-quality3.5 quality ratingaudio-stream-qualitygood product positive review good product $$$ Amazon

Video Quality

Video quality is located on top of my list because I want to watch my baby on multiple devices, smartphone, tablets an on my TV so I want crystal clear quality which is HD at at least 720p. This is the best that I could find and it’s delivered by the Dropcam PRO, the only WiFi baby monitor that has this feature. I won’t buy anything that will have poor video stream because I want my whole family to see my kid whenever they want, even at night.

Audio Quality

This isn’t the biggest problem since all monitors have decent microphones, the problem comes when you want to set up some alarms for noises. I’ve reviewed a few monitors that have good mics but other don’t have the software functionality to register short term noises (less than 1 sec), which isn’t a huge deal but something could have fell in the room, or your child could. I don’t want to be over protective with my kid but better safe than sorry.

Wireless connection

As I’ve stated earlier I want to see my baby from any location using an monitor app that our parents will use to see their grandchild. I’ve seen a few WiFi baby monitors that don’t have the ability to stream outside the network (because of security issues) which is a big loss, other have a pay per view type of stream in which you have 15 minutes per day, say what ? I have to pay extra for the stream, no, no way.

Another aspect to consider is the wireless protocol that will be used: 802.11b/g/n, 802.11n and older models that still work but won’t be able to send HD streams over the network, you can also call these devices internet baby monitors.


I really like this aspect because everybody is scared of being hacked, like the iCloud incident and I have to be honest, I am too. As long as you insert a strong password for the wireless router you won’t have a problem, I suggest to try and you will be totally safe from hackers. None of the models reviewed by me has any security flaws, don’t know about the WiFi baby monitoring apps but I sure you won’t have any problems.

Night Vision

This feature is debatable, but I want good night vision on my baby monitor just to see my child at night while he sleeps. One of the best WiFi baby monitor that has great night vision range is the WiFi Baby 3 with over 25 feet (the maker states 30). I know that only top of the line monitors will have this feature but I must say that the prices aren’t that big when I consider how many features you get.


I’ve formed a habit to record what my baby does with the hope that I will get some great footage that I will later use for a birthday or something or just to remember how it felt, so this is a must have. Some WiFi enabled monitors like the Dropcam PRO have the ability to store the videos on to the cloud, which isn’t a bad thing but you have to pay for that feature and the traffic that it generates on a monthly basis get close to 60 GB which can cause some problems with your ISP (luckily we have unlimited traffic and 1 GB connection). But the WiFi Baby 3 has an SD card slot so you can save up to 32 GB of video at a time, but also provides the ability to be connected to a storage unit that you have set up in your home like a media box, PC, laptop using an USB cable.

Monitoring App

The monitoring app must be easy to use so that anyone can navigate, unfortunately you won’t see the tilt function soon but that isn’t a problem for the Dropcam PRO because it has a wide lense 130 degrees that let’s you see the whole room. Push notification is a must when you set video or audio alerts, the ability to change the sound settings and to mute it while you speak on the phone. Vibration on alerts so that you won’t disturb the whole dinner party is another requirement that I need.

Multicam support

I like to have the ability to add a few extra cameras to my WiFi enabled baby monitors and easily toggle between them to see multiple rooms when my baby will grow up. Most of the modern monitors have this ability and probably all of them are free (except the cost for the extra camera). You can use them as internet baby monitors or even as security cameras for your home while you are away, storing all the video.


I don’t mind the aspect but i don’t want a bulky box mounted on the wall. I got to the conclusion that if the product is beautiful the quality and accessories that it carries won’t be that great. Everybody wants a good looking baby monitor that will fit right in when you mount it on the wall or on the bookcase but don’t get fooled by it.

Multi Device

This is a must for me because I want to see many WiFi baby monitor apps that support both iOS and Android devices that way more people can use them, lucky that almost all of them does it. I haven’t found one that can be connected to the TV but I will keep looking until I will find it.


I want to see the talk back feature on all of them, but that isn’t always available, which is kind of sad but once I find the ones that support it I write about them for sure.


I want the monitor to be intuitive, I know that you have to connect it to the router using a RJ45 cord but that’s easy and probably the end of the process. Initially Nest (Dropcam maker) make a bold statement and told that you cans et it up in less than 60 seconds, well it takes longer than that but under 5 minutes. This stage is critical because not everybody know how to do it so an easy process is a must.


I want quality support over phone, email and live chat because some products may have flaws that I want corrected or the baby monitoring app might have some bugs that need reported.

Amazon Reviews

We all know Amazon, right, my WiFi baby monitor reviews are based on those of the users that bought a product and sometimes I find many negative reviews, like Summer Infant’ video baby monitor that was not sold by amazon because of the bad feedback. When I see something like this I will let you know because I’ll keep my eyes on them so that you don’t have to.

When should you use a WiFi child monitor ?

I have to say that you need it after the first few months, when you will start sleep training you will see that this devices is a must and will make your life much more easier. Because sleep training is a vital step, your child has to sleep in a different room that makes things awkward if you got used to the fact that he was right next to you. WiFi enabled monitors help you to see your kid all the time with the push of a button. I’m sure that some of your relatives that live far away will be glad to have an easy to way to see him/her. I have a confession to make here, my husband spends a few hours every day connect to the video stream while at work in which time he can speak to his son, probably he hear his voice more than mine.

Why should you buy one ?

The reasons are obvious and a few were stated above, but let’s get a few more like safety, you will know when a sudden noise happens in the room, you can set up video alerts which will send a push notification if it detects someone at the door, or leaving the room. Video alerts are only available at the Dropcam PRO and it’s worth it.

Who can use it ?

Everybody, from older people to your toddler, these things are so easy to use and everybody can learn the tricks, it’s the simplest app. Every function is nicely laid on the screen and with the push of the screen you can change cameras, pinch to zoom and so on.

I really hope that you will find the best wireless baby monitor that will perfectly with all of your requirements and you won’t be dissapointed, if you have any question feel free to contact me and I will try to reply as fast as I can, in the mean while feel free to check all the baby monitor reviews and make your chore easier and safer for your baby.

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